Just like Noah in the Old Testament, there are people on earth today who are trying hard to find solutions to problems facing mankind. In their pursuit they get mocked, abused or called names. It took a long time to build the ark, and Noah’s friends and neighbors laughed at him for building such a huge boat on dry ground. But Noah was not discouraged by the jeers of the wicked people.

In modern times, those who know the truth pretend and scandalize the idea (and the owner) before later stealing the same idea and finally masquerade as though it’s theirs. The story of DALC and Prof. Humphrey Oborah is not quite different going by what happened in the past and what is happening now. The Kenya government recently stated that mechanics, general artisans, etc can now access degrees using their talents and work experience , while not acknowledging that DALC pioneered and has been doing this in Kenya for close to 20 years.

It is not uncommon to hear politicians and senior government officials copy and ape the same words Prof. Oborah used to many years back, despite them ignoring or ridiculing him. Today we ask aloud: Could it be that some people deliberately mocked, abused and scandalized DALC and Prof. Oborah so that the idea becomes theirs ?

We sample for you prophesies of Prof. Humphrey Oborah and how current leaders are aping the same , as though it’s theirs, original and new. You will also witness negative campaigns that caused unnecessary pain to students, staff and parents only for leaders and government to embrace the same ideas years later.