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Resurrection of DALC

New partners came up especially those that wanted to align their learning/education programs under Talent, Life and Work Experience. The GATES International Foundation (The GATES Education Group) were first to partner followed...

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Lazy students found an excuse

Like any institution DALC equally attracted students who were either lazy or lacked indiscipline. They had been in bad books with the institution and were under threat of being expelled. You can imagine how much a negative...

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Theft, Forgeries, and lies

The apparent death and burial of DALC In the year 2013, Prof. Oborah was appointed to become the first and only black African to the board of the World Talent Federation. It meant that he had to relocate to USA. He decided to...

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Conspiracies and theft of Ideas

With all the negative publicity and for reasons that the institution was still soaring, the haters and hate-lovers started conspiracies to discredit the institution. While the haters wanted merely to bring down the institution,...

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Mistakes and Challenges

But with the great growth came new challenges and mistakes by the founder Like any business, people will dismiss you when you start a small tuck shop saying “ he will close down soon”. But when you start growing it into a...

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