A Certificate is Just Paper… Its Content is the Value!

Whether you graduated recently from DALC Education Affiliates ( ) or directly from DALC a long time ago, your time or association with DALC did not just end then or die and you should know that we still value you.

Our Slogan, of 20 years, is more valid, than ever before, even to earlier critics and haters, as DALC is finally vindicated (Watch DALCVindicated YouTube Channel) by many governments in Africa:

A Certificate is Just Paper… Its Content is the Value!

Through the DALC Alumni Association (DAA), there are many ways to engage with past and/or recent graduates and grow your network.

The DAA makes you part of the growing network of Talent Based Learning ( ) or ( ) that entrenches Talent, Life and Work Experience in the learning process ( )

More specifically , the professional and Scientific Assessment of Talent that DALC originally introduced in Africa has taken shape under the African Federation for the Gifted and Talented ( ).

You will be pleased to know that you can now predict the career of a child of 4 years , and above, some 20-30 years in advance. This will enable you to avoid the costly mistakes associated with wrong career decisions or normal guess works perpetuated in the traditional education systems much as politicians have joined the bandwagon with mere empty rhetoric.

It connects you with those who have benefited from this revolutionary approach in learning and general education that DALC fiercely fought for, albeit being labeled fake and bogus at that time. With DALC being vindicated nearly 20 years after its founding, many are relieved to know that the institution and Founder had a foresight which remained obscure for many and including government, much as they were involved, or tried copying and failed, at the onset. It will be nice also to know that all the qualifications obtained from DALC, genuinely, are valid and recognized. We are confirming that by being at DALC, and having graduated, you are a lifelong member of the DALC Community.

Your loud voice to support Talent Based Learning which is completely different from the traditional academics systems (including the plagiarized, benchmarked and symptoms based Competence Based Curriculum being pushed through the throats of parents and learners in Africa), will help save parents and learners from unscrupulous education managers, consultants who are merely keen on incessant education reviews to earn, corruptly, billions of dollars every 5-10 years. Whether you live in Africa or across the globe, you can stay involved with DALC and Affiliates in many ways. Some of the common avenues of involvements and objectives include:

  •  Reunion and “catch up” with past classmates
  • Engage in lifelong learning and Travel the world with DALC Community Services
  • Vote and probably be a Committee Member of the Alumni Association
  • Volunteer or donate in current development of the DALC Sponsored Africa Talent University or support the Talent Scholarships for the poor
  • Engage with current students and pick up moving testimonials through networking and mentorship opportunities
  • Stay informed on all things DALC and Affiliates

The DAA aims to connect you with DALC and its Affiliates and with fellow graduates through a wealth of Novel Clubs, Research, Shared Talent Groups and Cohorts, Continuing Education under Life and Work Experience Evaluation and Credit Transfer to Internationally Acclaimed Universities, , and  other Creative Alumni Events.

Please Click Here to Join the DALC Alumni Association

Important Notes:
We are aware some of you did not finish or failed to collect their documents due to various challenges at that time. You cannot lose and we are stating that you contact us and have a closure then join the Alumni Group. There are special concessions for this group as long as they can provide some form of evidence for what they are seeking ( completion of course or collection of pending documents).