The apparent death and burial of DALC

In the year 2013, Prof. Oborah was appointed to become the first and only black African to the board of the World Talent Federation. It meant that he had to relocate to USA. He decided to leave the various campuses in the hands of like-minded colleagues especially former DALC managers at the campuses.

Whereas some few managed to keep the DALC campuses alive to this date, many collapsed noting that they were only used to earning salaries and could not be creative enough to run the institutions as their own.

With the collapse of the many campuses, it was assumed that DALC was dead and some of Prof. Oborah’s family members and haters ( mainly past sacked staff and bloggers) apparently arranged the funeral of DALC, where they rejoiced and made mockery of DALC and its founder Prof. Oborah.

Theft, Forgeries, and lies

With the assumption of death of DALC, many staff and family members left DALC and the founder assuming he and DALC had collapsed. However, they forgot that DALC was their source of earning (with some having been stealing from the institution).

Those who had then been sacked or shipped themselves out, were busy with lies to unknowing students and would be students. Some trusted and close family members did the unthinkable. They made contacts with those remaining in office and stole student certificates.

“We found the certificate cabinet broken and yet the premises were not broken into. We knew it was an inside job and reported to Parklands Police Station but it was difficult”, says Prof. Oborah

Having the contacts of students with fees arrears, they would call them, negotiate small amounts and give away the certificates. “ We only came to know this from Catherine Muthoni Mwangi (UN employee) who refused to make a deal with the conmen”, adds a dejected Prof. Oborah. Catherine had been called to part with Kenya Shillings 30,000 to offset her balance of Kenya Shillings 110,000 and receive all her original certificates.

Many students paid and received, with celebrations, their certificates but soon the stolen certificates were over.

That is when forgery started. They had to survive and started faking certificates and issuing to unsuspecting students who thought that they were receiving genuine documents.  Of course, if there would be problems, the blame would go back to DALC and Prof. Oborah through bloggers and all.

“We were alerted by one of the international institutions which accused us of forging their documents”, adds Prof. Oborah, as he narrates the hell he went through to make the university understand that forgery was going on behind his back.

The universities finally understood and agreed to block the recognition of stolen certificates and those students who obtained the stolen documents suffered recognition as employers and regulators would check with the university and get negative responses.  Problems started and continued for the rogue students / graduates with some coming back to Prof Oborah to confess so that they get help.

Many were helped, after apology, including those that had forged certificates or transferred credits to illegitimate universities.