New partners came up especially those that wanted to align their learning/education programs under Talent, Life and Work Experience. The GATES International Foundation (The GATES Education Group) were first to partner followed by International Centre for Innovation in Education.

Creation of the virtual World Talent University by World Talent Federation to harness and coordinate Member Universities became even more useful. This means accredited and UNESCO Listed Universities, which have been members of the WTF, became available to partner with the newly created African Talent University.

This has made DALC and its affiliates become the sole Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degree Credit Transfer Agency for Africa. It means candidates that have verified talent, life and work experience can transfer their credits to the universities that understand that learning can also be through talent, life achievement and work experience.

These are our Member Universities that have ratified, in their policies, that admissions can take place with “no” or “ low” grades as long as Talent, Life Achievement and Work Experience Reports can provide portfolios of prior credits. But it cannot even be better with the Kenyan government (through Ministry of Education) acknowledging that DALC was right, logical and had legitimate ideas regarding the future of education. They accepted that talent, life and work experience are part of the learning process and now working towards this albeit copying DALC almost word by word.