Whereas it it commendable what the current education managers at Kenya Ministry of Education have done, by declaring DALC ideas logical and legitimate, it is important to note the pain of profiling DALC and its Founder Prof. Humphrey Oborah as bogus and fake. It reminds one the madness of primitive people in power with no foresight for the future, punishing people with ability to “see that future” ahead of them or killing their ideas and institutions all together.

How about past students and staff who had to bear rebuke and being profiled negatively hence unable to access jobs based on the qualifications from DALC or had to be sacked for having “fake or bogus” qualifications?

What will make you not feel anger, when about 10 years later , you are told the qualifications were legitimate, after all?

It is sadder to note that the people involved, and now accepting the truth, are not willing to apologize to the affected people like the following ,for example, after such bad media publicity and harassment:

  • The Late Hon. Soita Shitanda
  • Hon. Taaraya Ole Kores
  • Hon. Ali Hassan Joho

You can imagine what DALC directors went through being seen in the eyes of everyone as liars , fake, or conmen.

However, in every difficulty there will always be those that remain steadfast . We cherish the following, who believed in us and went ahead to support us , even though their positions in society were high and would be at stake:

A number politicians led by (there are many in government now):

  • Late Hon. George Muchai – Former Member of Parliament , Kabete Constituency, Kenya
  • Hon. Hezron Awiti Bolo – Former MP , Nyali Constituency, Kenya
  • Hon. Johson Naicca – MP , Mumias West, Kenya
  • Hon. Cyrus Jirongo – Former MP, Lugari
  • The Late Hon. Suleiman Dori, MP Msambweni

There were also those who were not politicians but senior in society. We cannot list all of them but lets mention a few ( they are many and equally important):

  • The Garang family through Hon. Dr. Rebecca Garang ( Founding First Lady of South Sudan) and many Sudanese students that graduated including those at the Sudanese and South Sudan Embassy in Kenya.
  • Prof. Taisir Yamin – Former World Talent President
  • Mr. Daniel Marube – Banker and Coop Societies guru

And there are those that sympathized by could not act due to their position . We cannot fail to mention the following, among others:

  • Mrs. Elizabeth Wafula, Mr. Kachumbo and Prof. Everette Shitanda, all from Commission for Higher Education and now Commission for University Education
  • The late Prof. Douglas Odhiambo and a section of his team from the Commission for Review and Alignment of Education with Kenya Constitution 2010.
  • Mr. Enos Oyaya ( providing a letter allowing visitation to schools) and Prof. Harry Kaane (attending launch of first Talent Clinic in Africa, Nairobi, 2010)
  • Musau Ndunda, former National Parents Association Chairman

But there were those who initailly supprted DALC but later on bought the hate and reprimanded DALC

  • Former MD of a top Beach Hotel in Mombasa
  • Former Human Resource Director at Kenya Airways

They called Prof. Oborah to dissociate them with DALC and it was with a lot of understandable disrespect, harshness and rudeness