By the time Prof Oborah was leaving for USA, he had lost support of his most immediate family that only needed him when he provided for them. Family members had teamed up with haters to forge documents for students and propagate the hate campaign. They became very good links for the haters since they knew the secrets and had access to a lot including private family disagreements. They were the ones who gave out certificates and sold them off through sacked staff. They misguided unsuspecting students to pay cash away from official college bank accounts. It was not uncommon for family members to be heard mocking Prof. Oborah and many were telling even villagers about his grace to grass story.

The break up in Prof Oborah’s family actually gave them more weapons to prove their points while using the same to wreck more havoc. They would not care about the young children Oborah had then. The haters were celebrating now and mocking Prof. Oborah. Friends who dined and had it all with Prof. Oborah took off and were heard equally mocking him in the background. Only 2 friends and 1 family member stood with Prof. Oborah and DALC