Although it did not finally come as a surprise, the Kenya Government, through Ministry of Education, has accepted all that DALC has been saying through its Founder, Professor Humphrey Oborah, since inception in the year 2003 in Kenya.

For the first time, the Government of Kenya has agreed that grades may not always count as they agree that mechanics, saloonists, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc do have talent, life and work experience that should count.

As a matter of fact,, they are saying that these people can have pathways to access degree programes up to PhD level. This is exactly what DALC has been stating , albeit through tough fights and mudslinging.

But this was unheard of before, noting the rigid admission processes at the universities and colleges (based on grades).

Whereas this is a step in the right direction, it is important to note that it came in too late when careers were broken and people ashamed for nothing over a very, very long period.

The pain that people like the late Hon. Soita Shitanda, Taraaiya Ole Kores , Ali Hassan Joho and many others , went through cannot be explained by mere copying of DALC ideas and in total disregard to some form of apology or mere acknowledgement.

They have forgotten the many careers for young students who were labelled fake or bogus and embarrassed for what would finally be accepted.

For Prof. Humphrey Oborah (The DALC Founder), although he says he is relieved to hear that current education managers have embraced his idea, the pain of hate in his own family working with strangers may be much harder to live with.

“Nobody knows the pain when your own family rebukes you and you are left alone with what you believe “, he says

“You all know how many times I have had to squeeze in the talent idea during live TV debates and the panelists, interviewers and the genarl audience think I am a nuisence with my talent thing”, he adds.

The DALC , though, weathered the storm to reinvent and now leading the pack, at international level, with Prof. Oborah being the voice of talent and related learning.