And with past sponsors affirming support for DALC, the institution has been moving fast to reclaim its past glory and has established the first Anthropo-Biometrics Research Lab , in Africa, after acquiring unique and special License for the same. Buildings that had stalled are being renovated and new ones being constructed. The original DALC idea and plans are fully back and with greater support. As the DALC engines roar back, pretenders are equally back hoping that the founder (Prof. Oborah) has not become wiser. They believe that one can be fooled over and over again! It is not uncommon to get calls from old staff pretending to have been praying for DALC. Others say they knew DALC was there to stay and it was just a matter of time. But the best ones are those that have known about new developments through Prof. Oborah’s social media pages and announcing their return to bring back past DALC glory by “ensuring prudent use of the grant funds”. Many wish to partner and share the DALC vision and are happy DALC is “scaling the heights again”.

Others are condemning the theft of the DALC idea by government officials and having no shame to pay DALC and Prof. Oborah. “I have known who my friends and family are and can pick out genuine people”, says Prof. Oborah , noting further that this was a life lesson for him at a young age. “They may hope that pretense is invisible and the same mistakes can be repeated. Well, let us see how that works this time round but I will ensure that I protect and work with genuine people”, he adds.

Prof. Oborah concludes by saying that whereas pretenders are there, a lot more serious and genuine people are also there. He encourages such to seek connection with him and DALC and share the revolutionary approach to learning and general education.