With all the tribulations, student numbers diminished hence fees payments declined. There were challenges or difficulties in repaying loans.
But the biggest problem was to come. Prof. Oborah had negotiated and secured grant funds for building the DALC sponsored University in Kisumu. Application had been made to the Commission for University and it was due for approval (CUE having made a visitation in Kisumu for the same).
The haters by this time had scared the CUE and international partners like Cambridge. Everyone was now cautious about DALC and things began to slow down. International Examiners like Cambridge (CAM) lost support from parent university due to the negative publicity and so did other universities affiliated to it. They all blamed it on DALC and the relationships died. The grant funds were tied to a fixed period and DALC finally ran out of time thus losing the grant funds, noting the impact of negative publicity on international partners.

Insert pics of incomplete DALC Kisumu Campus