Prof Oborah receives accreditation certificate of DALC from Assistant minister Kilemi Mwiria at CHE HQs.

Section of graduates

Section of graduates

Prof Oborah with Prof Mugambi of KEMU University

Professional & Scientific Assessment of Talent domiciled in Africa; thanks to DALC's insistence over the years

You can today, in Africa, undertake Professional Assessment of Talent and know your career 20-30 years in advance. You can imagine if you knew, accurately the career of a 4-6-year-old some 20-30 years in advance: You will surely know where invest your time, money and effort…CLICK THE ABOVE LINK FOR MORE….

Thank DALC bravery; Life and Work Experience Accreditation with Credit Transfer to recognised degrees under UNESCO Listed Universities

Adults, who have Life and Work Experience, and previously denied access to degree programmes, due to past “low” grades or “no” grades at all, now get their experiences evaluated and credits therein transferred to degrees. They , thus, take less time and pay less. CLICK THE ABOVE LINK FOR MORE …..

Talent Based Learning has replaced age-old, traditional academics and plagiarised symptoms based learning like Competence Based Curriculum/Learning

DALC knew long ago that the future of learning, hence general education, would be hinged on talent. Whereas many didn’t understand, those who did either copied or plagiarized the DALC idea for bench-marked Competence Based Curriculum, which will certainly fail in Africa.CLICK THE ABOVE LINK FOR MORE ….

Anthropo-Biometric Research Lab licensed for the first time in Africa; thanks to DALC and affiliate efforts

Perhaps one of the best of DALC efforts is to work with affiliates in order to set up Talent Based Anthropobiometric Research Labs in Africa. These will go a long way in enabling professional and scientific assessment talent , which in turn , will have very huge impact on Human Forecasting: 


DALC sponsors, with affiliates, the first Talent University in Africa

Imagine if you could know the career of a 4-year old kid (teenager or youth as well) some 20-30 years in advance, professionally and scientifically, without the usual “naked eye” guesswork. Go ahead and imagine more….That at age 9-10, your gifted child , who is ready for a degree, is allowed to graduate just like 10-year old Esther Okade did at The British Open University. And so did  Laurent Simons studying electrical engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE) — a tough course even for students of an average graduate age. Check these out if doubting:

How about Africa?

Imagine if adults who dropped out school due to factors not related to their intelligence ( e.g fees, sickness, bereavement, etc.) are assessed , their true potentials unearthed and put on beneficial natural Talent Based Learning or entrepreneurial or business opportunities . Yeah …Imagine a lot more ….That past “low” or “no grades” do not count as the reports are the ones used for admission. For example, one may lack prior qualifications but has used natural talent to build a company that employs graduates. He/she must have knowledge in the form of talent, life and work experience that our reports shall unearth and equate to usual courses hence exemptions and quick award of degrees by our Member Universities, through the Talent University.

This is something that has been going on for a long time in the developed world but gaining popularity in the developing world now. It avoids cases where the owner of the company had to sit in the same class with children the age of their own or juniors in their offices, yet they possess practical and massive knowledge through their talent, life and work experience.

At the Talent University, we are keen on your natural talent and your learning is purely based on your talent, life and work experience; other forms of learning are equally important but are used as “enrichment” while we focus on your core.

We fought the battle; you can now enjoy learning based on your talent!


Ever dreamt of flying your home-made plane? Can you picture the excitement in the motion… the speed at take off … the building momentum … the force and thrust … how uplifting it is to interrupt the laws of nature …of buoyancy and gravity…just for a moment.

This should be the dream of many any African and many young talented people in the third world. They should dream that one day they will be creators of their own planes and not only flying those made by others in the west and Eastern blocks.


In the past , though, sadly their dreams would seldom go beyond their imaginations…they could and in most cases can still only fantasize then in the end…fly planes made by their counterparts in Japan, United States, Germany and the likes…but also then, this is only possible if they manage to get to the aviation schools.

Far from the aviation industry, many other professions suffer the same…journalism…medicine… and even teaching as a career; students find themselves in awkward positions, having to abide by rigid structures and systems… systems which pay little or no attention to originality… systems which shun creativity in education and training.

In Africa anything new by any definition will not be accepted at first… It takes repeated attempts, endless demonstrations, and monotonous rehearsals before innovation can be accepted and internalized by an organization. This requires courageous patience. It is in Africa where the government can impede new inventions by the nib of the pen making it illegal and dangerous and nobody is to question. For anything new in the continent has always been received with immense skepticism and mistrust. The power of social proof is so much rooted in our midst that we will only buy and sell what has been tested and proven elsewhere, quite often, made and tested in the west.

DALC fought against such and won the battle. It won against name callings, slurs and actual haters’ abuses. Our ideas were copied and we were left for oblivion. But a good idea and its living founder cannot be replaced by masqueraders.



Resurrection of DALC

New partners came up especially those that wanted to align their learning/education programs under Talent, Life and Work Experience. The GATES International Foundation (The GATES Education Group) were first to partner followed by International Centre for Innovation in...

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